Facilities and Equipment

Adv Materials Innovations has facilities available to support client work. Through relationships with various university laboratories, subcontractors, and its own equipment, the company can successfully develop emerging technology from basic principal to testing in a relevant environment, for transition to commercialization. 


Adv Materials Innovations Facilities and Equipment

The company has equipment, including ovens, laminar flow hood, bench space and assorted small equipment at facilities in San Diego, to support fabrication and testing of materials.


UCSD Nano 3 Lab Facilites and Equipment

Nano 3 is a 10,0000 sq ft. state-of-the-art cleanroom that provides advanced capabilities for development and characterization. It focuses on nanoscience, nanoengineering and nanomedicine. In addition to nanofabrication, the facility supports research in emerging inderdisciplinary fields such as biomedical devices and sensor technology. Adv Materials Innovations has had DoD programs with UCSD Nano3 as a subcontractor. 


Space Micro Facilities and Equipment

Space Micro has office and laboratory space in San Diego County. This facility includes three class 10,000 clean rooms.